Our History

For more than half a century, The Dallas Assembly has encouraged the thoughtful discussion of ideas and issues among its diverse membership and, through them, sought to activate the Dallas community.

The Assembly’s members are thought leaders in the areas of business, politics, government, education, law, medicine, arts, science, religion and more. They were selected because they have demonstrated a commitment to improving the greater Dallas community through positive dialogue. Along with many key community leaders, the Assembly counts among its ranks elected officials, chief executive officers, and executives of leading not-for-profit organizations. Past Presidents of The Dallas Assembly include Ambassador Robert S. Strauss, businessman Norman Brinker and United States Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.
Founded in 1962, The Assembly has provided a forum for the education and enlightenment of its members through monthly luncheon meetings, social gatherings such as “Dine Around” and annual seminars to explore other cities.
Some of The Assembly’s luncheon speakers have included George W. Bush, Margaret Thatcher, Al Gore, Rick Perry, Secretary Margret Spelling, and others.
The Spring Seminar provides members an opportunity to travel on a curated trip to another city together to examine success stories and best practices. Recent seminars have taken Assembly members and their guests to Chicago, Morocco, Montreal, Seattle, Boston, Havana, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Rome, Nashville and Washington, DC. The 2019 Spring Seminar will take members to Seoul Korea.
The Assembly’s membership is limited to 350 persons. New Members are selected and accepted on a yearly basis.