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The Dallas Assembly is pleased to announce its 2018-2019 Board of Directors:

President: Barry Hancock
Past President: Macey Davis
Treasurer: A.C. Gonzalez
Secretary: Edwin Cabaniss
Program Co-Chairs:
Cheryl Alston
Chris Bhatti
Special Events Co-Chairs:
Maria Gomez
Holly Hassmann
Membership Co-Chairs:
  Dennis Cail
Felix Lozano
Seminar Co-Chairs:
Arnim Dontes
Sunhee Hong
Communications Co-Chairs:
Carl Ewert
Sara Madsen Miller

The Dallas Assembly welcomes the Class of 2018!
·  Robert “Bobby” Abtahi, Attorney-at-Law, The Law Office of Robert B. Abtahi
·  Alex G. Arellano, General Counsel, American Airlines Center/Center Operating Co. LLC
·  Lindsay A. Billingsley, Development Director, Allresco
·  T.C. Broadnax, City Manager, City of Dallas
·  Samuel J. Chantilis, M.D., President, Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates
·  Raymond Ferrell, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Dex Media, Inc.
·  Paula Lambert, Founder & President, Mozzarella Company
·  Robert “Bob” Mong, President, University of North Texas at Dallas
·  Dale Petroskey, President & CEO, Dallas Regional Chamber
·  Joseph F. Pitchford, Managing Director, Crescent Real Estate
·  Monica McCoy Purdy, Associate Judge for the State Civil Courts, Dallas County
·  Jennifer H. Scripps, Director of the Office of Cultural Affairs, City of Dallas
·  Jeremy J. Smith, Co-President & Executive Director, Rainwater Charitable Foundation
·  Andrew L. Wallace, General Counsel & Secretary, LBJ Infrastructure Group LLC/NTE Mobility Partners LLC

Photographed L-R: Cheryl Alston, Andrew Wallace, Joseph Pitchford, Monica Purdy, Paula Lambert, Dale Petroskey, Bob Mong, Raymond Ferrell, Sam Chantilis, M.D., T.C. Broadnax, Alex Arellano, Bobby Abtahi, Jeremy Smith, and Barry Hancock (not photographed, Lindsay Billingsley and Jennifer Scripps)

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