Member Benefits

2018-2019 Co-Chairs:
Dennis Cail
Felix Lozano

December 2018 - New Member Nominations begin - more details to come!

The strength of our organization depends upon the breadth and diversity of our membership.

The Assembly’s members come from the arenas of politics, government, business, education, law, medicine, arts, science, religion and more. They are men and women who are committed to improving the greater Dallas community through positive dialogue and action.
The Assembly’s active membership ranges between 300 to 350 persons. We seek an organization that reflects the ethnic, geographic, professional, age, and cultural diversity of the community. Members that pay dues and participate regularly can maintain active membership indefinitely.

Membership Intake Process

New Members are selected and accepted on a yearly basis following a nomination and approval process. To be eligible for membership in the Dallas Assembly, an individual must be a resident of or have primary business in the Greater Dallas area and must be at least twenty-eight (28) years of age. Each nominee must have achievements in his/her chosen business or profession and demonstrated leadership in matters that affect the general welfare of the community. A Nominee’s entire body of work, whether in Dallas or another community, will be considered and evaluated.